This is a Region of excepcional beauty where it hides the brazilian natural treasures of huge value. Shelter of the northestines, foreigners and others who seek for the richest on the Cicle of the Rubber. Acre has everything that a tourist looks for: since its enchanting stories and traditions, till its wonderful beaches, as well as an umbelievable cultural patrimony. Its culinary is also something very good and the turist router is one of the things its visitors cant lose. The Chico Mendes Extrativist Reserve and the Pimenteira and Cachoeira´s serigais forest are important attractives where the rythim and lifestyle of the seringueiros can be lived by its visitors.


Land of exuberant beaches and hospitable people. Warm transparent water beaches. The ecoturism is also present on this land full of such an incomparable culture. Find the beauty in Alagoas crytaline waters in its routes: Costa dos Corais ( Coast of Chorales ), Encontro das Aguas e lagoas ( Meeting of the waters and lakes ) and Mares do Sul. ( Seas of the South ).


Many of the natural beauty are spread all over the 16 counties of Amapá State. Amapa is also a source of rich cultural traditions, which mix the indigena , cabocla, african, potuguese and even religious inhenritance. All through the year, lots of festivals happens in most of the counties in this State, with the objective of valorize , preserve and divulg the local folclore. Beyond all this, the ones who enter Amapá from its kitchen door, will find precious delicious meal, prepared with the most natural of its products from the Amazonic Forest. Very tasty food, made of typical fish from that region, and special desserts prepared with the amazonic flora.


The Paradise of the Waters. Amazonas is the most amazonic of all States that form the most coveted region in the planet: The Amazonic Forest. Natural wealth, the majestical fauna and flora, the Folcloric Fetival of Boi- Bumbá in Parintins ( the island in the River Amazonas border ), the meeting of the rivers that dont mix up, the highest edge of Brasil and the biggest archipelago of the world which form the set of attractives in Amazonas.


Bahia, many destinies in one single place. When the subject is tourism, Bahia shows to be experient in attracting and serving well its visitors, so they feel like coming back soon. That is in fact what very often happens. Bahia ´s tropical flavour food is chilly; the magic of its religious sincretism and the joy of its people; the biggest street carnival all over the country. Not enough, Bahia is also a stage of rare beauty cenario where the nature reigns absolutely and pleases its visitors with all your enchant. A real touch of the gods in the brazilian northest. All this mix of advantages transforms Bahia in a magic place. For sure, a land blessed by God!


In Ceará , swimming in its ocean waters is delicious, all year long. Due to the local climate, the water temperature is always nice and warm. In all litoranic extension of the State, the beaches are adjusted to swimming and even in the urban area of Fortaleza, the tourist will always find excellent places to refresh, even in the Avenida Beira Mar, as on the Praia do Futuro. Its huge geography full of beaches, with few arrecifes and constant wind, helps to form the waves, what makes of the cerenses oceans perfect to practicing surf and other sports like windsurf and kitesurf.

Distrito Federal

Imagine a journey which takes you to such an ultra modern architecture. And to the unic urban set in the world which features are rigorously loyal to its modern architecture. Most of time, Brasilia is called the Monument City, for it is simply the most important modernist project of the twenty century. Visiting Brasilia is, in this case, is trying to understand the adventure of a construction of a new capital that happened in a very special moment, in Brazil history. It is also about descovering a country, reliving its most important moments and yet admiring a unic modernistic project in the world, recongnized by Unesco.

Espírito Santo

Full of natural beauties, culture and traditions. That is Espirito Santo : well visited  and paradisiac beaches with a culinary basicly made of fish and sea fruit. Light climate from the mountains, where a good wine , the licquors,  handmade cookies, and special pasta are welcome. Visitors can taste it all in the  agroturism properties. Also in Espirito Santo happens many sorts of radical sports, as raffiting, rapel and free flight, as well as the fetival of Happy Music, the Festival of Winter of Domingos Martins and the International Wine Festival. Religious party, as the Festa da Penha  ( Penha´s Feast ) and the Passos of Anchieta ( Priest Anchieta´s Steps ) that opposes to the profane parties as the Vital ( out of time Carnaval, with electric trials and the forro ( tipical dance )of Itaunas.


Rare natural beauty ! Goias State has places of rare beauty and a big potential to the ones who look straight contact with one of the most beautiful things the nature has : its fauna and flora. Wonderful waterfalls, formation rocky and a huge hidrothermal manancial. Nowadays, Goias has been one of the most seek destinies by brazilians as well as visitors from many different countries. whom are ecotourism lovers.


Pure nature diversity. Maranhão is one of those places blessed by nature. Placed on a zone of transition between Northest and North of Brasil. One of its most important features is its ecosystem diversity. Beaches, forests, cerrados, lakes and rvers are some of those attractives, which make of Maranhão a special state, besides, of course, of its history, popular culture and plenty of other things you, yourself, has to find out.

Mato Grosso

A mix of energy, traditions, flavours and emotions. Amazon, Pantanal, Cerrado and the magnificents beaches from the Vale of Araguaia, makes the 906 thousand km2 of Mato Grosso State. The State of Mato Grosso has 139 counties supported by an economic politic that priorizes its development, with ambiental preservation that opens more and more its possibilities to use your touristic potencial. It presents natural vocation to ecoturism with huge variety of plants and animals, and it diversifies its attractives with the sportive fishing, as its historical , archeological and espelelogic patrimonies, as well as its rural tourism, contemplative, mistic and radical sports.

Mato Grosso do Sul

The State of all destinies. Mato Grosso do Sul doesnt have limits to the tourism. It is an amazing state that offers a huge potencial to be explored. Rich in colours, lights, sounds, tastes, smells, different slangs and traditions. It owns the most exuberant fauna and flora in this whole planet. A State comanded by the waters,which natural beauty cross the limits of Bonito/ Serra da Bodoquena. It runs all over Pantanal and goes through 78 counties of the State, reaching Campo Grande, the capital of business tourism.

Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais are many different places. , since its Capital Belo Horizonte , which is the main portal of business in Minas Gerais State, till the most traditional historical cities of the Circuit of Gold and the Trial of the Inconfidents. Mariana, Ouro Preto, Congonhas, São Jõao Del Rey, Tiradentes, Catas Altas and Santa Barbara, inheritance from Brasil- Colony. All those cities were built on the age of gold and diamond exploration, and it brought the wealth to the centuries XVII and XVIII, with the Churches and Monuments that today are the main vetor for that region tourism development.


Pará: the masterpiece of Amazonia. Placed on the Noth Region of Brasil, Pará is the masterpiece of Amazonia. Guardian of the beautiful beaches formed by the ocean and rivers. Scene of Círio de Nazaré, a religious and cultural touristic spectacle that takes to its capital Belém, more than 2 million people in the whole month of October, every year. Pará is a sanctuary where you can find 49,9% of the main touristic Legal Amazonia´s attractives. It is one of the rare brazilian destinies that offers, basicly, all the tourism options to its visitors, like : adventures, ecoturism, gastronomic tourism, handmade products and culture, sportive fishing and religious tourism. It keeps 16,66% of the national territory and 26% of all North Region.


This is a place blessed by nature mother. Here you can find much sun and with it, the refreshing coconut trees shades that  extends for all the edge. Boats navigating over translucid waters, and the natives showing all their hospitality and pride of belonging to such a place, where the history, culture, leisure and peace are perfectly integrated. Therefore, relax and enjoy whatever this land has to offer you.


Diversity in natural beauties, culture and gastronomy. The diversity of landscapes, the fertily of its soil, the uses and costumes and the features of its people make of Parana a sui-generis State and set is in a privileged situation in the national scene.


Pernanbuco owes 180 km of beaches with palm trees, warm waters, natural pools, culture, forro dance and much more. Its postal card has a name : Porto de Galinhas. The bath place that is 70 km further than Recife, is very famous by its natural pools visual, that makes the children and adult leisure when the tide is low. Small rafts drives the visitors to the chorales. Beyond the bath, a pleasand passatime can be the practicing of diving or surfing on Maracaipe beach. To the eat lovers, they also offers a big variaty of tradicional meals, the best of northestine culinary, from its famous peixadas ( basicly made of fish and other componets ), till a very tasty barbacue.


Emotion, Beauty and Culture. The tourism of the State of Piaui, beyond its natural beauties, can be recognized by its famous beaches wich offers things that is not found in any other place in Brasil : misteries, emotions, adventures in the " Sete Cidades Encantadas " ( the seven enchanted cities ), in the Grutas da Serra da Capivara, with its Archeologic sitios of incalculable historical value. It still presents the cities that became famous, among them Oeiras, to have been the first Capital and still nowadays mantaining its ancient buildings, which are the witnesses of the Piauenses history.

Rio de Janeiro

Discover the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is bathed, in all its extension, by Atlantic Ocean, and its nature generously esculped a litoral replet of different nuances and forms. Angras and baías, covered by white sands. And next to that sea- which alterns blued and green colours, quite waters and perfect waves- the nature performed with care in the construction of geometric curious shapes, criating bold peaks, scarps, abrupt mountains and edged rocks which make more clear the beauty of its beaches. Beyond all this terrific nature and of all its wealthy pass, it also gets one of the most sweet, kind , nice and happy people, all over the world. It couldnt be different in a land where the biggest symble is He himself: The Redentor Christ in open arms.

Rio Grande do Norte

Land of colors and flavours, local where you find pleasure and adventure. The Rio Grande do Norte offers to its visitors a variaty of adventure routes that pleases both beach lovers or the ones who wants to be in touch with the Nothestine Sertão. The activities offered by those routes come since driving the Land Rovers all over the beaches, dunes and falesias, or all over its off-road , all through the Caatinga and Mata Atlantica, till the practical scaling and rappel done on walls of 400 m high; from surf to " aerobunda" to the jump by delta wing. The options are many in this state of colours, spirit and emotion.

Rio Grande do Sul

Exuberant landscapes and diversified culture.Disclosed of natural attractives, Rio Grande do Sul is a brazilian state where the tourism happens since january to december. All that because its geography, due to the reason of enjoying well defined 4 seasons in the whole year, which propiciates good alternatives to the several touristic modalities. Facing this reality, this amazing State offers, today, segmented options and good structure of tourism like : ecologic, rural, nautic, sportive, swimming, health, cultural , religious and others.


Mix of  cultures and flavours ! Rondonia has a population mostly formed by imigrants who came from several places in Brasil and Bolivia. Rondonia has a brave people who seems to be learned from Rondon how to be corajous to desbrave the forests that lead them to the progress. That was how Rondonia had been built, from the Forte Principe to the 3 Marias, from Guapore to Madeira, showing off the rest of the world its big potencial to the devellopment of Tourism.


Roraima discloses delicious offered by its nature. The ones who think about visiting the Region North will get surprised when visiting Roraima. This State has its own particular features and yet the wonders that the Amazon Region reserves. However, being in a roraimense territory is like to go into all its other regions. In its south side, lays the Amazonic Forest and the meeting with the Rio Negro ( Black River ), that a bit further,  gather to the Solimões River, becoming as one, the Amazon River. On the north side, also hidden by its humid bushes, the relief changes with the hills that cross the frontiers of Venezuela and the Cooperativist Republic of Guiana. In the Central region of the State, a bit lower to the capital, Boa Vista, suits the plane lands and savanas, with palm trees and buritis trees.

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina has a surprising diversity of geographic and cultural attractives, during the whole year. All along its 560 km , capriciously drawn, you can find more than 500 gorgeus beaches. In its country, the scene alternating rurais landscapes, urban progressists nucleos and such an exuberant nature like: mountais, canions, winding valleys, rivers and hundreds - or perhaps million, nobody knows it right, of hidden waterfalls in the Atlantic Forest, the most preserved area in Brasil


Sergipe has a constant soft breeze, such a rich calm and warm cultural route. The diversity of its attractions is surprising. Therefore being so nice , it is easy to know the State. There are 22 thousand kilometers where it concentrates, in a convinient proximity , natural beauties, history, culture and an efficient infra-structure to receive its visitors. Gather both hospitality and safety and your vacation is complete.


This is a place where its nature get mixed , forming an attractive invitation. Placed in the biggest geographic area of transition in the Americas, Tocantins keeps huge natural wealth. All in this place get mixed. The new and the old walk together, without any conflict or competition. Meeting of pantanal, cerrado and the humid tropical forest from Amazon ecossystem, Tocantins is responsable for the guarantee of its region biodiversity.

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